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Pieces of the Past®
Austrian Crystal Beads Blog

Monday, March 27, 2006

Real Crystal Bead Colors

Are you looking for those unique Swarovski® colors and every once in a while you come across a few Swarovski® bead colors that are just so unique no one else has them or has ever heard of them? There are a few explanations for this but it took a few years for me to get a grasp on what exactly I was looking at.

These "new" crystal bead colors (I am specifically referring to Swarovski® crystal beads only) show up and disappear on the web often, and it is nothing new. Right now there are a few "new" colors that I have seen like BRANDY, CHILI PEPPER, and ROSE GOLD to name a few. These three in particular are of course not new color releases by Swarovski®. They crystals are ones that have been finished by a third party company.

That does not necessarily mean that they are not crystal beads that rolled off the Swarovski® line (could be, might not be, who knows) but they are definitely not (in their present state) completed by Swarovski® in Austria. I am only presenting this information to make those aware that it is important to know who you are buying from and where their stock comes from.

Swarovski® DOES release new colors (usually one color and one effect) every season or every other season. So about 2-3 times a year Swarovski® will release a new color. These colors are fairly easy to see as there is always a lot of fan fair with a new crystal bead color release.

This Spring/Summer release by Swarovski® in the loose beads area (includes Beads, Pearls, Pendants, Hot Fix, etc) was (see photos below) CARIBBEAN BLUE OPAL and the effect CRYSTAL SILVER SHADE. These were the only two color and effect releases for the Spring/Summer 2006. So any other bead color names I would check into closely before purchasing if having a genuine Swarovski® is really important.


I will post more on this topic later. When purchasing Swarovski® Crystal Beads just make sure the company is either a Swarovski® 5-Star Distributor or buys from one. If they refuse to answer the question it would raise a red flag, to me anyway.

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