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Austrian Crystal Beads Blog

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Unique Swarovski Sizes

Caribbean Blue Opal AB Many of you in the past has requested some of the harder to find sizes and we have created a great way to order those hard to find finishes in the sizes that not everyone carries. From our company website at http://www.piecesofthepast.com you can now special order these and we will immediately add them to our inventory for you. We may not have them all in stock but you, the customer, can now determine what we carry just by placing a special order for these items.

Some of the new sizes include:

  • 10mm - 5000 Rounds
  • 3mm - 5301 Bicones
  • 7mm - 5301 Bicones
  • 10mm - 5301 Bicones
  • 12mm - 5301 Bicones
  • 9mm - 5810 Pearls
  • 10mm - 5810 Pearls
  • 12mm - 5810 Pearls
  • Crystal Copper 5601 Cube 8mmSome of the next sizes to be added in the coming weeks will be the full line of the very hard to get 8mm 5601 Cubes, 12mm 5000 Rounds, and the extremely hard to get 8mm 5020 Helix crystal beads. To see any of these or the ones listed above please visit our company site and click on the category links on the left size or place the size and color in the seach box on our site.

    In addition to the sizes, we have now added two special categories to our company store site, box special (items we have to sell in the full unopened Swarovski packs, and clearance items that we may have a large supply in stock. These will be update as often as possible.

    As always, we are here to serve you and if there is anything we can add to make your shopping with us more productive please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

    Any questions at all just let us know, we are here to serve you.

    Blue Zircon Satin 5000 RoundsIf you would like to place an order for any of these items you can do so directly from our website at any time and as soon as the order comes in we will place our order with Swarovski. As some of you know, this is not an exact science and arrival times will vary greatly but we have tried to only add items we know are available from Austria without a very long wait. Any time you place an item on backorder you can always check the status of your order at http://www.piecesbeads.com/servlet/Service with your confirmation number.

    We are always adding new articles and up to date Swarovski information so keep checking back.

    Crystal Silver ShadeComing up, we are putting the finishing touches on our next guide, Effects and Finishes Part 2, which will explain in some detail the differences between effects and finishes along with combinations that give a very unique look to the crystal. As soon as the updated guide is completed it will be posted on our blog and on the bead-guide site below.


    Swarovski Crystal Beads - #5000 Rounds
    Swarovski Crystal Beads - #5020 Helix
    Swarovski Crystal Beads - #5040 Spacers
    Swarovski Crystal Beads - #5203 Polygons
    Swarovski Crystal Beads - #5301 Bicones
    Swarovski Crystal Beads - #5305 Spacers
    Swarovski Crystal Beads - #5310 Simplicity
    Swarovski Crystal Beads - #5500 Drop
    Swarovski Crystal Beads - #5523 Cosmic
    Swarovski Crystal Beads - #5601 Cubes
    Swarovski Crystal Beads - #5810 Pearls
    Swarovski Crystal Beads - #5821 Pearls
    Swarovski Crystal Beads - #5826 Pearls